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Roosin Burncare Burn Gel 3.5g

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Roosin Burncare Relieve Burn Gel Dressing

Burn Gel provide pain relief, scald care, and immedite first aid. This sterile trauma hydrogel burn dressing is an essential component of your first aid kit.  Small, lightweight packets are perfect for go-bags, camping trips, and first aid kits.

Produces immediate relief of the heat feeling in burn, scald, sunburn and reduces the pain.


  •     To be applied directly on burns scalds and sunburn
  •     It is safe to use on first and second degree burns
  •     Completely non-adhesive, nontoxic, won't irritate skin
  •     Reduces the pain
  •     Promotes the healing of the affected area
  •     Natural anti-bacterial action
  •     Safe to use on children
  •     Content: Purified water, propylene glycol, glycerol, emulsifier and surfacant

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