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At Army Navy Sales, our extensive inventory features a variety of gas masks designed to provide unmatched protection against a range of threats, including riot control agents, chemical warfare agents, toxic gases, and other hazardous chemicals.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology and tested to meet military standards, our gas masks offer reliable respiratory protection for military personnel, professionals, and individuals facing hazardous environments. Adjustable straps ensure a secure fit for any size wearer. At the same time, full-face respirators protect the eyes, nose, and mouth to ensure complete coverage and comfort for users, even during prolonged use.

Whether you're defending against wildfire smoke, biological hazards, or nuclear threats, our gas masks are designed to fill the need for efficient personal protection. With various filters available, you can tailor your defense to the specific harmful agents you may come into contact with or be exposed to. 

Before you buy, make sure that the filter or filters you’ve chosen are compatible with the gas mask or full-face respirator you’ll be wearing. We also provide guidance on choosing suitable respirators or masks to meet whatever domestic or international standard is required, whether you need a simple dust mask or closed-loop air filtration.

At Army Navy Sales, we prioritize vision and comfort, with gas mask options featuring larger eye openings and added padding for extended wear. Defense professionals frequently use our products, which are popular with law enforcement. Our masks have received praise for their ease of use and the level of protection they offer. Don't compromise when protecting yourself or others. Trust Army Navy Sales for the best in military surplus gas masks and PPE. Ensure the safety and well-being of yourself and your team with our high-quality gas masks and other respiratory health solutions.