Rare Vintage GI Vietnam Era Butt Pack

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Collectible US GI Vietnam Era Butt Pack  
A rare find! We found a small batch of original Vietnam-era butt packs that date back to the 1960s and remain in great condition. These saw action and remain in great shape, making them ideal as collectors’ pieces or functional bags. Add a piece of authentic Vietnam history to your collection.

The butt pack earned its name from the way they were worn: soldiers attached them to the back of their belt with ALICE clips, giving them more space for gear and maintaining weight distribution. Some refer to these as the OG fanny pack, and they can still be used. Each bag has the original rubber lining fully intact to keep gear protected.  Put it in the collector case, or clip it to your belt when you venture off into the field or woods.

US Government-Issue. Size: L 5 ½" x H 8-½” x W 9". Condition: Used good. Made in America.
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