Mystery Bandanas by the Dozen

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Mystery Bandanas | Face Covers by the Dozen

Bandanas, not bananas!   Get a dozen and have one for each day.  You might get 12 of the same color, 12 of the same pattern, or mabye 12 totally different styles.  There's no way to know until you buy them now! 

Yes, only $6.66 for 12!  Thats $0.555 each!  No we can't sell them individually because we got tired of cutting up pennies to make change.  Don't be cheap, just buy some!

Use it as a face mask, a hair tie, a bib, or millions of other things!

Colors and styles may vary.  You might get 12 of the same or 6 and 6 or 9, 2, and 1, or 6, 1, 1, 1, and 3, or any other combination that makes 12.

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