GI Army Airborne B-7 Parachutist Life Preserver

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Genuine Issue B-7 Parachutist Life Preserver with Sea Dye Marker

This is a unique, must have collectible.  Originally issued to Army Parachutists to use in case of a water landing, the life preserver contains two flotation cells that were activated by CO2 from a pull cord on each pouch.  Along with this life preserver, soldiers were issued Sea Dye Markers which we've included here. The Sea Dye Markers would color the water around the downed soldier so he could be spotted from the air.  The life preservers are marked with dates ranging from 1951 to 1968 (no choice, sorry).

Condition: New, old stock

Note: CO2 cartridges are not included. We can't guarantee that they will inflate when pulled.  Not to be used as a life saving device.

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