Emergency Trauma Wound Dressing 6 inch Military Type

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Israeli Style Bandage Emergency Trauma Wound Dressing 

These Trauma Pressure Wound Dressings are designed to provide injury victims acting alone the ability to accomplish the entire bandaging operation independently, including, in certain cases, tourniquet application, even if using only one hand. The Emergency Bandage has efficient blood staunching capability and offers ease of operation:

  • Vacuum sterile sealed package, compact and portable
  • 6 inch wide and 70 inch long, 3-layer dressing pad, for traumatic hemorrhagic injury
  • Combat-proven first-aid equipment, based on the special design of this one-piece bandage, the injured person can SELF-RESCUE with one hand
  • Israeli battle dressing (IBD) far exceeds the design of general first aid bandage, integrated disinfection gauze, fast hemostatic bandage, pressure-integrated device, equivalent to a small emergency system, widely used in outdoor survival, you can use this 3.6m elastic bandage as rings, splints, and even a simple tourniquet in an emergency.
  • Size: 70x6 Inch 
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