ACU Military Style Poncho Liner with Zipper

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ACU G.I. Style Enhanced Type Zippered Poncho Liner

ACU style Poncho lineralso known as the Woobie, is multifunctional and provides added warmth and protection against harsh weather conditions.

Uses of the Multipurpose Liner:

  • Use As A Liner For Your Poncho, A Lightweight Blanket, Or A Sleeping Bag / Sleeping Bag Liner
  • Enhanced Poncho Liner (62” X 82”) Provides Protection Against Extreme Weather Climates
  • Zipper Closure Design Prevents Outdoor Elements From Getting Inside The Poncho Liner – Zipper Covers ¾ Of The Woobie, Leaving A Head Hole Opening When Fully Zipped Up
  • Lightweight Rip-Stop Construction Offers Both Comfort And Durability
  • String Ties Allow You To Fasten The Poncho Liner Blanket To Your Military Rain Poncho
  • Add The Military Poncho Liner To Your Collection Of Outdoor And Survival Gear – For Your Bug Out Bag or Keep in your Car.
  • Condition: New Reproduction
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