Montezuma® Horizontal Leather Shoulder Holster Model 42S

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Montezuma® Model 42S Leather Sling Shoulder Holster | Natural Tan

This natural tan shoulder holster is adjustable including a leather sling with an elastic shoulder sling for a good fit. The holster has a snap saftey release and an adjustable screw to keep your sidearm tight or loose. Well made by Montezuma® Holsters in South Africa. Right hand draw.

About Montezuma Holsters
All our products are made in the tradition of the "”Old World".
No synthetic threads are used and all the leather used is steer hide especially tanned by the tanneries to our specifications. Waxed Linen thread stitching is done at 6 stitches to the inch and is fine and pulled in tight with the use of Saddle Stitching machines that were made at the turn of the century when saddles were common place. No modern stitchers can make the same stitching pattern as these old machines. Holsters are molded under 20 Tons of pressure to insure an accurate fit. Several coats of Premium Neats foot oil and waxes are applied and allowed to penetrate before 2 final coats of sealant finish are applied to finalize the product.

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