Used GI WWII Front Seam M1 Steel Pot Helmet

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Basement in marked box by the helmets make sure it has front seam.


Original WWII Steel Pot Helmets with Swivel Bales

Worn by U.S. soldiers in World War II, these helmets are genuine artifacts and getting harder to find. They’re perfect for collectors, history buffs, reenactors, and film and theater production.

Steel pot helmets provided countless uses for soldiers. In addition to head protection, G.I.s would turn them upside-down and use them to eat, dig trenches, brush their teeth, or play poker. The swivel bale was introduced during latter-era WWII; they allowed soldiers to sit and stand on their helmets

These helmets have seen action and may have signs of rust or wear.

  •     Rare collector’s item worn by U.S. soldiers in WWII
  •     Government Issue
  •     Front seam style
  •     Includes chinstrap (Chinstrap types may vary and may not be WWII)
  •     Swivel bales

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