2 Pack Of CBRN Gas Mask Filters

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US-Made CBRN Gas Mask Filters, 2-Pack


This is a 2-pack of Immediate Response Technologies gas mask filter cartridges. The CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear) filters fit the standard NATO thread (40mm X 1/7”) and are compatible with almost all military and industrial respirators. These filters are current and are marked with an expiration date of June of 2024.


Quantity: 2 gas mask filters

Made in America

Fit 40mm gas masks

Diameter: 4.57” (116 mm)

Overall Height - 3.50” (90 mm)

Approx. Weight: 422 g (14.9 oz)

Connection: EN 148-1 (40 mm) NATO thread

Body Material: Noryl® GFN1

Breathing Resistance: <50 mm H2O at airflow rate of 85 lpm

Filter Efficiency: 99.97 %

Filters come Individually boxed and vacuum sealed


Note: We make no claims as to the effectiveness of gas mask canisters. Filters are not returnable.

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