Coghlan's Survival Kit in a Can

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Coghlans's "Survival Kit-in-a-Can" is compact, lightweight and watertight. This survival kit contains 38 items which can provide warmth, shelter and energy in life threatening situations from desert to Arctic.


  • Compass.
  • Fire Starter.
  • 9.8" Multi-use Cord.
  • 3' Wire.
  • 4 Waterproofed Matches.
  • 101' Fish Line.
  • Soup Packet.
  • Tea Bag.
  • Sugar Packet.
  • Match Book.
  • 2 Antiseptic Swabs.
  • Razor Blade.
  • 3 Twist Ties.
  • 12" Duct Tape.
  • Signal Mirror.
  • Zip-Lock Bag.
  • 2 Bandages.
  • 2 Nails.
  • 2 Safety Pins.
  • 2 Fish Hooks.
  • Signal Whistle.
  • Chewing Gum.
  • Sewing Needle.
  • Energy Candy.
  • Note Paper.
  • Pencil.
  • Survival/First Aid Pamphlet.

This is one of our favorite survival kits. Not only is it great for go bags, mini and maxi kits, it is great just to have in your glove box or that drawer in your kitchen. It goes in all of our personal survival kits. It has many things that you need daily. Keep it inside a zip lock bag or other container so when you open it and use any of the contents, you can use the zip lock to keep it all together for future use

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