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Forsheda A4 Gas Mask | Made in Sweden

These were made in response to 9/11 and have been deployed in the US, Sweden, Norway, and Turkey. Rigorously tested, NBS-rated, and engineered with military technologies and easy-to-use civilian features.

The Forsheda A4 is a full-face respiratory system gas mask that protects the face, eyes, and respiratory organs. Features include an anti-fogging system, increased field of vision, and single-unit harness with customizable strap-and-buckle system.

Offers protection from chemical, biological, and radioactive hazards, including solid and liquid particles, bacteria and viruses, and and chemical and organic gasses. Meets NATO’s NBC standard.

Gas Mask Highlights

  • Anti-fog and dual-air system  

  • Specialized lens system made from high-strength stable polymer

  • Extra-wide field of vision range

  • Clear-speech exhalation valve

  • Fully adjustable 6-point harness for snug and secure fit

  • Civilian-friendly, minimal training necessary

  • Lightweight, foldable, and easy to store

  • NBS-rated

Engineering and Features  

  • Eyepieces: Polysulfone lens system fitted internally and externally for stability. The material remains rigid and transparent in temperatures from -100? to 150?

  • Anti-Fogging: The internal mask features a valve unit and sealing cover that provide additional anti-fog measures. The system is designed to guide air from the filter to the lenses before reaching the internal mask.

  • Internal Transit Frame:  Designed for maximum shape maintenance

  • Harness: The single-unit head harness uses a 6-point system to ensure customizability and secure wear. Rear-panel is outfitted with elastic straps, each with their own buckle


  • 8-10-second donning period

  • Capable of 24-hour deployment

  • Works with standard NATO 40mm gas mask filter

  • Uniform standard Size 2 fits 95% of adults

  • Lightweight construction (440g)
    • Constructed of bromobutyl rubber materials; no second skin needed

    • Made in Sweden

    • Brand new


    • Protection factor: >10,000

    • Protection against chemical warfare agents: >24 hour

    • Field of vision: 88%

    • Breathing resistance (without filter):

      • Inhalation at 25 P at 30 I/min, 75 Pa at 95 I/min

      • Exhalation: 130 Pa at 160 I/min

    • Carbon dioxide content: 0.65%

    Materials: Bromobutyl rubber (frame), silicone rubber (inner mask and membranes), polysulfone (eyepieces), polypropylene (support frame), and polyester/polyamide/lycra (harness)

Due to health considerations, gas masks are non-returnable items. We make no claims as to the effectiveness of gas masks and filters.
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