Nebo Torchy 2K Flashlight

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Rechargeable 2,000 EDC Pocket Light

The TORCHY 2K is the perfect everyday carry flashlight and is MagDock USB rechargeable battery, water-resistant (IPX6) and is equipped with 5 light modes, which are seamlessly transitioned through Smart Power Control. This powerful pocket light features a detachable 2-way clip for convenient carry and hands-free lighting. The most impressive thing about this everyday carry light is the compact anodized aircraft-grade aluminum body that all that power is contained within.


Turbo (2,000 lumens) - 30 second intervals* / 200 meters
High (500 lumens) - 3.5 hours / 90 meters
Medium (200 lumens) - 6 hours / 50 meters
Low (35 lumens) - 30 hours / 25 meters
Strobe (1,000 lumens) - 2.5 hours / 125 meters


  • Rechargeable
  • Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum
  • IPX6 water resistant
  • 1-meter impact resistant
  • Smart Power Control
  • Direct-to-Low
  • Double-sided removable steel belt/pocket clip
  • Power Memory Recall


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