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Mystery Military Manual Pack

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Mystery Military Manual Pack

Thinking about exploring a new career in guided missile training? Ever wonder how an NBC agent conducts himself? You’re in luck! With our mystery military manual pack, you’ll receive a pair of interesting, unexpected, and perhaps esoteric military field guides from sometime in American history. We promise you’ll be surprised by what you receive--and amazed by what you’ll learn.

Manuals may be used by today’s soldiers; they might be training materials from the Cold War. Whatever period between 1950 and today they come from-- whatever military action or combat position they describe--you’ll soon find yourself absorbed in the captivating minutiae of combat, defense, or  technology training.

Impress your friends with newfound military knowledge! Take home the jackpot at your local mess-hall’s trivia night! Order a mystery pack now, and demystify the military with amazing behind-the-scenes literature! 

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