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With the contents of the mystery box you can discover the secrets of the ancients, unearth visions of the future, and magically set your DVR to record every episode of M*A*S*H that features Radar as the main character.  Actually the mystery box will do none of these things, but you will be taking a chance and buying a complete surprise! 

Will it be an item we discovered in our warehouse, something we already feature on our site, or a bar of gold?  It won't be gold. But it could be on our site, or a new warehouse discovery.  We can't tell you what it is, but it might be new, it might be used, or it could be old but never touched.  

It may include any, all, or none of the following:  vintage Vietnam era soap dishes, gas masks, dummy rounds, autographed photos of our employees, vintage ammo pouches, renaissance wigs, beat-up leather costume gun holsters, and more!

**Due to the MYSTERIOUS nature of these items, NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES!**
*Acutal box pictured is not included*
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