US Canvas ST-138/PRC-25 Radio Backpack

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Reproduction ST-138/PRC-25 Backpack For PRC-25 and PRC-77 Radios

Reproduction ST-138 PRC-25 Radio Backpack Harness. This exact reproduction of the radio harness is made from cotton canvas with the metal slats and canvas straps to hook the radio onto the backpack. Adjustable padded shoulder straps and padding built into the backpack make carrying heavy radios more comfortable.

 The cotton duck ST-138 electrical equipment harness was designed to allow the PRC-25 radio to be carried on the operator’s back. The radio was supported by a pair of metal braces and fastened to the harness by two retaining straps. Though issuance of the ST-138 continued with the PRC-25's successor; the PRC-77, the metal packboard was used if the radio’s KY-38 encryption device also needed to be carried.

Condition: New 

Condition Note: The pack may show some slight storage wear and the metal slats have a black paint coating that is cracking from age.

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