GI Polish Military PPS-43 Magazine Pouch

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Polish-Warsaw Pact Military 3 Mag 7.62x25 PPS 43 Canvas Pouch 

 Polish military canvas pouch holds three 30-round magazines for the PPS-43 sub-machine gun, which was chambered in 7.62x25. The canvas pouch has two wooden toggle closures in the front, and on the back it has two 2 inch belt canvas attachments. Each mag slot measures 2in.x2in.x9in. long. Pouch itself measures 10in. long x 8in. wide.

This magazine pouch was constructed at a time when Poland was aligned with the Soviet Union through the Warsaw Pact and mass produced the PPS-43 for use in their own armed forces. With use in the armed forces of virtually all Warsaw Pact nations, the PPS-43 is one of the most widely issued sub-machine guns in the world. If you do not own a PPS-43 there are plenty of similar sized magazines that fit into the PPS-43 mag pouch.

  • Made in Poland
  • Constructed from Cotton Canvas with Wooden Toggles
  • Holds Three 30-Round Magazines
  • Color: Green
  • Condition: Used Good

Condition Note: Pouches are used surplus and color shades may vary and there may be some unit markings or other markings.

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