Finnish Wool Pants

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100% Wool Finnish Pants

Heavy-duty pants made from 100% wool. Designed for cold Finnish winters, these heavy-duty pants feature waterproof knees and a thicker construction than the German wool pant. With a soft finish for comfort, large cargo pockets, plus two front and two rear pockets, these are a must for keeping warm and staying active during winter. Button fly. 100% Wool.

Condition: New/Unissued Finnish Army Surplus

Note: Color shades may vary

Why Wool? A Quick Field Guide to Wool Clothing

  • Warmth: Wool fibers retain more heat than most materials.

  • Water-resistant: Wool’s distinct fibers produce an added layer of water-resistance. The high absorbency means wool keeps you dry even when it’s wet, and dries quicker than other materials

  • Insulation: The unique makeup of wool fibers also accounts for its extraordinary natural insulative properties.

  • Texture: As much an aesthetic advantage as a functional one, wool’s texture is distinct and versatile. Wool is used in everything from fine sweaters to funky pants.  

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