Emergency Trauma Wound Dressing 4 inch Military Type

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Israeli Trauma Wound Bandage 4"

The Israeli Bandage is designed to apply pressure and help treat severe blood loss in emergency situations
Featuring a pressure applicator and closure bar for maximum pressure, the sterile and non-adherent dressing can be applied anywhere on the body.
Designed for quick and easy application by professional and non-professional caregivers for when every second counts
This versatile bandage can be used as a primary or secondary dressing, pressure applicator, or closure bar.

The application of immediate direct pressure to the wound site is achieved by wrapping the elasticized woven leader over the topside of the bandage pad where the specially designed pressure bar is situated. The pressure bar is designed to readily accept and hold the wrapping leader.
After engagement of the pressure bar, wrapping the leader in any direction around the limb or body part and onto the pressure bar forces the pressure bar down onto the pad creating the direct pressure needed to bring about homeostasis. In addition to its primary function, the pressure bar also facilitates bandaging. The elastic bandage uses the rigid shape of the pressure bar to change direction while bandaging, thus affording the caregiver more options for effective dressing of the wound. Subsequent wrappings of the leader secures and maintains the pad in place over the wound, and by covering all the edges of the pad acts as a sterile secondary dressing. The bandage leader is woven to remain at its full width and will not bunch up or twist itself into a rope.

The closure system of the bandage is multi-functional yet simple, quick, and familiar. Situated at the end of the leader is a closure bar (dowel with hooking clips) at each end to secure the wrapping leader the same way that a pen is secured in a shirt pocket. The closure bar holds the bandage securely in place over the wound site.

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