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M-1 Garand 10in. Bayonet (Rubber Replica)

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This is a One Piece, rubber replica of the famous WWII M-1 Bayonet. It was cast from an original bayonet and will fit on all types of blank adapted M-1 Garands.This is the M-1 bayonet, not the modified M-1905, this can easily be seen by the fact the blood grove does not run the entire length of the blade. The rubber is durable, flexible, and the edges are not sharp. The knife was cast in a silicone mold so it holds all of the detail of the original, ordinance marks and all other identifiers in place..The knife is cast entirely black. It is a good alternative to carrying your expensive original into the field, or an excellent display piece or movie prop. The replica M-1 bayonet fits on all blank adapted Garand rifles, but depending on the type of BFA used, some minor adjustments may need to be made. The "Hollywood" version will fit, since it is unaltered on the surface, though electrical tape might be needed on the barrel, to make the replica fit tight. G.I. and other aftermarket adapters may need to have the barrel clamp on the knife widened slightly. This is easily accomplished with an exacto knife and/or a bit of sandpaper.

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