Swiss Army Traveler

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A guide that’s able to provide you with all the information at the touch of a button, the traveller will soon become your most used tool whether you’re hiking up mountainsides or trail walking in the backwoods. With its digital display and 18 additional implements, everything you need to get you where you need to go is readily available without weighing you down or relying on cords and chargers.

Color Fire Orange
Blade Type Multi tool
Length 91 mm
Width 1 "
Height 0.8 "
Weight 3 oz
Handle Material Cellidor polished

  1. mini-screwdriver 
  2. pin stainless 
  3. scissors 
  4. corkscrew 
  5. digital clock with
  6. -alarm
  7. -countdown
  8. -timer
  9. -altimeter m/feet
  10. -barometer
  11. -thermometer °C/°F
  12. large blade 
  13. small blade 
  14. toothpick 
  15. cap lifter with
  16. -screwdriver
  17. -wire stripper
  18. reamer 
  19. multi-purpose hook with
  20. -nailfile
  21. timer 
  22. pressurized ballpoint pen 
  23. can opener with
  24. -small screwdriver
  25. key ring  
  26. tweezers 
  27. toothpick 
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