Collectible World War M1928 Haversack (Undated)

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Collectible World War M1928 Haversack with Pouch (Undated) | GI | Rare Limited Supply

We found a batch of original World War haversacks. These are a rare treat for collectors and history and military buffs. This small batch is undated but they are genuine-issue US-military  and have seen action in either World War I or World War II. They include the detachable meat-can pouches as well as grommets and tabs that were used to attach weaponry and tools. The M1928 haversacks haven’t been made since the 40’s, and we only have a limited supply. When they’re gone, they’re gone. World War genuine-issue item; made in the USA.

Basement down boot and shovel cover isle next to the swiss hats
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