GI Fuel Gel Diethylene Glycol

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Fuel Gel Diethylene Glycol | 1 Box of 3

Fuel, Gel, Diethylene Glycol - Directions: Squeeze out gel & light. Fill canteen cup with water. Suspend canteen cup 2.5 inches over burning gel. Shield from wind. Avoid skin & eye contact. If accidental contact, use water to wash off. Use in a ventilated are. A safe hear source for ration components.

Milpack Gel Fuel has been approved by the Defense Logistics Agency as the new, improved replacement for the old Trioxane Fuel Bars used by the United States Military for years. MilPack Gel Fuel is a great fuel for cooking, for your survival stove, as a fire starter or to simply start a campfire. All this utility and it is still safe enough to go on an aircraft! MilPack Gel Fuel was originally designed to provide an efficient source of heat for the foot soldier and had to be safe, odorless, smokeless, non restrictive, economical, non toxic and yet friendly to our environment. With an indefinite shelf life, MilPack Gel Fuel is the perfect survival or recreational gel fuel. MilPack Gel Fuel is a must for hunting, fishing, boating, camping, cookouts and sporting events. It works well in gel or solid fuel cookers to include the Crusader Cooker, Esbit Stove and the U.S. Military Canteen Cup Stove, just to name a few. It is also a safe heat source for ration components as well as a great fire starter.

  •     Cooking fuel Gel - A safe heat source for ration components
  •     NSN: 9110-01-518-9201
  •     Made in the USA
  •     Makes a great firestarter!
  •     1 Package comes with 3 gel packs.
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