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Coghlan's Pack II First Aid Kit

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Coghlan’s Pack II First Aid Kit is a basic, practical, light-weight first aid kit designed for backpackers and weekend campers. Weighing only 4 ounces (measures 3-1/2"x4"x1-1/8"), Coghlan’s Pack II First Aid Kit contains 37 items.

First Aid Kit Includes:

  • 10 Adhesive Bandages (3/8"x1-1/2")

  • 6 Adhesive Bandages (3/4"x3")

  • 1 Adhesive Bandage (2"x4")1

  • 1 Knuckle Bandage

  • 4 Adhesive Strips (4")

  • 1 Gauze Pad (3"x3")

  • 2 Gauze Pads (2"x2")

  • 3 Alcohol Pads

  • 3 Antiseptic Pads

  • 1 Ammonia Inhalant

  • 1 Moleskin (2"x3")

  • 2 Travel Towels

  • 1 Steel Needle (2-3/8")

  • 1 First Aid Kit Guide

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