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British CD Civil Defense Coat

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Genuine British surplus. Issued in the early 50's to English Civil Defense Workers. Also referred to as the "Great Coat", it has not seen it's like since. 100% wool (over 6 lbs. worth) below the knee length, 2 exterior pockets and 1 interior pocket. Double breasted, tapered through the waist, belted back and vented bottom. Black "CD" buttons with British crown. You'll never see anything like it again. Condition: New. Color: Black.

Size                Chest                 Height

#3                   36"-38"              5'4"-5'6"

#5                   37"-39"              5''6"-5'8"

#6                   39"-42"              5'6"-5'8"

#7                   38"-40"              5'8"-5'10"

#8                   40"-43"              5'8"-5'10"

#9                   40"-42"              5'10"-6'0"

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