TacProGear Body Armor Anti Riot Suit

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Elite Defender Riot Suit

These suits have a contour-molded outer shell with impact ridges combined with the natural shock absorption characteristics of polyethylene plastic effectively disperses the brunt or impact of blows, jabs, and projectiles. The inner portion consists of 1/2” EVA foam sections cut into small rectangles and then sewn into a full torso/back protective shell with layers of polyester mesh and brushed polyester for ventilation and comfort. An added layer of polyethylene plastic on top of each small rectangle provides additional blunt force protection. The less-vital areas of the shins, arms, shoulders and thighs are protected with polyethylene plastic and dense foam for blunt force protection. The suit is primarily designed to withstand blows and absorb the shock of thrown projectiles.

  • Sturdy PE protective shell for blunt force trauma protection
  • Combination of thick BNI and EVA Foam padding throughout suit for force absorption
  • Sturdy Nylon and Hexagon Sandwich Mesh shell material
  • Easily donable with a system of strong buckle straps
  • Supplied with polyester carry bag
  • Ergonomically built to allow for full range of motion
  • Size: Adjustable Medium to Large
  • Note: Baton and Helmet not included
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