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550 Parachute Cord Paracord

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Military type 550lb. test nylon parachute cord.
Here are just some of the many uses for 550 para cord.
*Tie tarp to trees
*Lanyard to hold items (knife, keys etc),
*Emergency para cord wrist band
*Emergency snare (from one of the strands inside) *Fishing line (from inner strands)
*Boot laces
*Bow drill
*Hang kettle/cooking pot over a fire
*Emergency sewing thread (from inner strands)
*Make a fishing net from inner strands
*Improvise a sling
*Bundling around firewood for easy carry
*Improvised bore snake for cleaning a firearm
*Hanging your hammock
*Pull cord for chain saw, boat engine or lawn mower
*Emergency Tourniquet
*Tent guy lines
*Lash poles together to make a shelter
*Create a bow string for a bow and arrow.

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