Used GI 5 Piece Military Modular Sleeping Bag System ACU

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The Military Modular Sleeping Bag is constructed to insulate the user in environments ranging from mild weather to extremely cold weather. The Military Modular Sleeping Bag consists of two Mummy-style sleeping bags - the Patrol (Green) and the Intermediate Cold Weather (Black). Each are constructed of water - resistant, ripstop nylon. Each Military Sleeping Bag is fully functional independently. For a temperature to -30degrees, insert the Intermediate Cold Weather bag inside the Patrol bag. Each bag is compatible with the vapor permeable bivy cover. When all 3 compartments of the Gor-tex 3-part sleeping bag are used together, the system is rated to provide 4 hours sleep at -40 degrees. A compression stuff sack is included and detailed below. Non-flammable and machine washable.

PATROL BAG FEATURES: Temperature to +30degrees, reversible double-pull(opens end to end) slider allows top or bottom ventilation, non-locking slide fastener self repairs if jammed or snagged, draft flap prevents heat loss, hood adjusts for heat retention, includes nylon drawcord and barrel lock, measures 92 x 37" to 92 x 24", Color Green. Order your Military Modular Sleeping Bag today.

INTERMEDIATE COLD WEATHER BAG FEATURES: Temperature to -10degrees, from from cold spots, insulation does not migrate in the bag, anatomically designed foot box contains twice the insulation as the bag, sewn-in, quilted chest collar prevents air drafts up and down through the hood, hood adjusts for heat retention; includes nylon drawcord and barrel lock. Measures 87 x 35 1/2" to 87 x 23" Color Black Bivy Cover

STUFF SACK FEATURES: Compressible to one cubic foot, six 1" wide nylon webbing straps by ladder lock buckles, reinforcement webbing is sewn around the circumference of the bag, nylon drawcord closure with a barrel lock. Measures 30" in length, 14" diameter. Color: Foliage. The R-TEX outside shell is Army Digital Camouflage. Genuine U.S. Gov't issue.

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