1 Gallon Steel Tinplate Can

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These are 1 gallon empty cans that the military used for fluid samples. But can now be used to hold oil, water or fuels. 
Container Assembly Sample And Specimen Shipment 1-Each.
Inner can is furnished w/a 1/75 in. Screw cap closure and metal friction type innerseal, fixed bridge handle, interior surfaces compatible w/combustable fuel samples and soldered seams and comes with a fiberboard box sized to fit tightly around the inner can with a tolerance of plus 1/8 inch-0. Corrugated fiberboard, minimum bursting test 200 lbs iaw nmfc and ufc. Metal container material is steel tinplate-commercial 28 gage, minimum.
Condition: New
Note: Cans may have some small dents or dings from storage.
Basement to the right at bottom of shipping area stairway.

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